Collison Throughout The Year

Below shows the different stages throughout the year that makes sure we can cover our client’s demand!

January sees the start of the mian tulip season, production builds quickly to meet customer orders.
We are still busy with tulip planting and housing.
Sterilisation of glasshouse soils ready for stock production begins straight away after new year and continues throughout January.
Stock planting then begins in late January
February is a busy month on the farm. Tulip production steps up a gear in the run up to Valentines day.
Sterilisation of glasshouse soil continues and stock planting builds in volume.
March is our busiest month of tulip production, especially in the run up to Mother's Day. Demand increases massively for this occasion and we have to plan very carefully to be able to meet the dramatically increased orders.
Stock planting and soil sterilisation continues and the growing crop starts to really move faster with longer days and warmer temperatures.
April sees continued tulip production, with very quick turn around times in the glasshouse with the longer days and warmer temperature outside.
April also sees the start of scented stock production, usually somewhere around 25th April.
The last week of April also marks the start of the Aster planting schedule, we have to wait until the frost risk has gone before we plant.
One of our busiest months, may sees the start of large volumes in the scented stocks. The quality of the crop is usually at it's peak in May and customer demand is usually very good. We will be cropping around 350,000 stems of stocks per week through May.
Tulip production also continues but at a lower volume as some of our customers start to move over to new products (like stocks!). We hope for a relatively cool month in May as this is ideal for both crops.
Aster planting continues throughout May.
Early May also sees the start of our lily planting program.
Stocks continue throughout June, with large quantities especially if we experience warm weather.
Lily planting and aster planting continues in earnest.
We are often busy irrigating asters if we get dry weather, we are able to use the collected glasshouse roof water from our storage reservoir.
July sees the stocks season continue, slowly drawing to a close as the month goes on. July also brings the beginning of the lily season, with rose lilies and longi lilies all up and running. Aster planting continues and cropping usually starts during the last week of July.
The busiest month of the year at Tuxhill Farm, August is peak aster season and lilies cropping very quickly with the hot daytime temperatures. Planting has now finished and we focus on cropping. Aster production will reach up to 75,000 bunches per week.
August also usually sees the wheat harvest on the arable farm.
September brings more of the same on lilies and asters, with the crop slowing down as weather conditions cool. We hope for relatively dry conditions to make aster cropping easier and more efficient. As soon as we finish aster production we start to prepare for tulip planting which starts in late September or early October.
October sees continuing lily production. October also sees the first big weeks of tulip planting, with early bulbs planted ready for pre Christmas forcing, October is a quieter month on the farm and we get time to carry out maintenance and building projects.
Longi lilies and ornamental brassicas continue throughout November, everything is much slower now as the low temperatures influence the crops. The wood chip boiler is fired up as the first tulips come in to the glasshouse in early November, ready for cropping in early December.
December sees the start of tulip season and the end of lily season. Tulips wait for no man and we end up cropping every day through December, even Christmas Day! Flower sales normally build up quickly between Christmas and new year as customers launch their new lines ready for the start of the year. Tulip planting for Valentines day also happens during the Christmas period.